Urban Fiels in Transition, 2013

Urban Areas in Transition: a Greek-American cooperation project with the help of the painter Sotos Zachariadis, with an exhibition which took place at the studio and was visited by many Thessaloniki’s schools (January 2013).

School Visits at the ARTstudio, 2013

A primary school in Thessaloniki visited and held workshops at the artist’s studio. One of these was the 40th Municipal ‘Ioannideio’ folk painter who graduated in 1971.

Geni Camii Exhibitions 2001, 2006

Two solo exhibitions were realized by the painter: Rebetiko (in 2001 and 2006) with various works, Rhodes’ Landscapes, Cityscapes of Thessaloniki, The Girl with the White Dress, inside parts of the studio and contemporary.